Beacon Course Descriptions

Practical Approach to Spanish (K-6th, Friday)
Legacy provides students the opportunity to learn Spanish. Students develop listening, speaking, and reading proficiency of basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Utilizing the immersion model (delivering much of the instruction in Spanish), our gifted Spanish teacher will help students become confident in their ability to comprehend and communicate in Spanish. 
Hands-on Science Program (K-6th, Friday)
Our students become budding scientists through the direction of our science specialist teacher in the lab. Participating in many hands-on experiments, learning through discover, and using the scientific method will help students to learn concepts in an exciting and meaningful way. Students also will gain an appreciation of God’s amazing creation. 
Systematic Teaching of Writing (K-6 th, Friday)
Our students will take part in the Step Up to Writing program. Step Up to Writing is a formal organizational program that teachers explicit writing strategies within the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, final copy, proofreading, sharing) to help students organize their thinking and their writing. It is used primarily for informational, expository writing. Through this program, our students will learn to organize and write in a logical order, expand and support their statements, and write cohesive multi-paragraph pieces, even at an early age.
MIND Math (K-6 th, at home)
Following over 30 years of breakthrough neuroscience and educational research, MIND’s unique math education process engages the learner’s spatial-temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step problems through exciting computer games. These games reach every learner, strengthening problem solving skills and a wide variety of math concepts. While no time on Friday campus days will be spent on MIND Math, students enrolled in MIND Math will have the opportunity to engage in this exciting math enrichment program from home. 
Accelerated Reader (K-6 th, Friday)
All students enrolled in Beacon will have the opportunity to visit the school library on Friday between 8:10 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. In addition to being able to check out books, students will be able to participate in the Accelerated Reader program as well. The Accelerated Reader program is a computer-based resource that monitors student comprehension of independently read books. Students in the Accelerated Reader program will have their reading level assessed, providing a suggested reading level specific for each child. The program also gives parents the opportunity to gauge and track their child’s comprehension through multiple-choice reading quizzes following each book that is read by the child.