Annual Registration Fee:
$100 per family
Beacon Enrollment (per year):
$1,215 ($135 per month)
Friday Drama:
$315 – one class ($35 per month)
A 10% sibling discount will be given to families with multiple children enrolled in the Beacon Program.
The Annual Registration Fee will be due upon enrollment and is non-refundable (fees may be refunded if student is not accepted). Tuition is paid in nine installments, beginning in September and ending in May. Parents will receive a monthly statement. Tuition payments are due on the first Friday of each month, and become past due immediately thereafter. A late fee of $25 is assessed each month an account is past due.
Parents may withdraw their child from the Beacon Program at any time, provided that they notify the school in writing one month in advance of withdrawal. If notification is not received within this time frame, a one month tuition fee will be assessed.
There are 32 Beacon Fridays over the course of the school year.
Friday Drama will be open to any students enrolled in the Beacon Program, 2nd-6th grades.
Families will also be responsible for purchasing a Legacy uniform for their child to wear to school for Friday classes. Please contact the front desk for more information. Uniforms can be ordered new through Lands’ End, or through the school’s uniform recycling program.