A Christian, independent, college-preparatory school, grades K – 8.

ABC’s of Legacy



  • Experience positive reinforcement in the classroom and around the campus.
  • Participate in meaningful "character caught” and student incentive programs
  • Enjoy meaningful relationships with Legacy staff
  • Encourage each other’s strengths verbally
  • Develop an attitude of "sharpening” one another
  • Share ideas and projects with each other
toward PARENTS
  • Smile, interact, and develop relationships
  • Report a child’s strengths before reporting their weaknesses
  • Acknowledge their role as a parent, encourage them, and give them hope


  • Learn and practice Legacy’s Character Traits
  • Participate in character programs, chapel, and monthly heartwork activities
  • Memorize weekly Bible verses
  • Practice biblical principles by loving, forgiving, edifying, and encouraging one another
  • Model the Character Traits for students and towards one another
  • Cultivate humble and teachable hearts
toward PARENTS
  • Consider others (Legacy families) more important than ourselves
  • Listen to concerns and work towards a biblical solution
  • Show the unconditional love of Christ




  • Learn how to use words that build up rather than tear down
  • Encouraged to look outside of themselves and serve others rather than self
  • Given multiple opportunities and venues to develop communication skills




  • Serve each other according to Christ’s example
  • Pursue real relationships and quickly resolve conflicts
  • Listen and learn from each other


toward PARENTS


  • Share regular, meaningful, and consistent updates on student academic and social well-being
  • Develop relationships, know their names, and be available
  • Realize that their happiness is our priority