Legacy Uganda Story

Legacy Uganda Story

The Legacy Uganda story is really one of friendship between Legacy Co-founder Tim Borruel and Shannon Hurley, a missionary and the founder of SOS Ministries.

Tim and Shannon used to play baseball together – and during that time they shared more than a love of the game. They also had a vision to impact their communities for Christ. Both men were committed to doing something with their lives that would leave "deep tracks" for others to follow.


Hurley, a husband, father of five children and SCV resident, has worked to serve the needs of the people of Kubamitwe, Uganda for the past 12 years.  Advancing the Gospel and establishing a Pastoral Training Center has been at the heart of Shannon’s mission. In 2011 SOS Ministries and the Borruel’s established Legacy Christian Uganda. We are exceedingly thankful that God has seen fit to give Legacy Christian Academy the ability and resources to work with the Hurleys and advance the Gospel in Uganda.


In an effort to provide the children of Kubamitwe with a Christ-centered education, Legacy Christian Academy Uganda officially opened its doors to 100 Pre-K and Kinder students. These children are advancing through each subsequent grade and will eventually become Legacy Uganda’s first graduating class. As of the 2017-18 school year, Legacy Uganda provides quality education to 300 students.


This is a remarkable feat for this part of the world. The Kubamitwe students live in mud huts with no running water. Their daily sustenance is whatever is growing in their vegetable garden. Water comes from a water hole that SOS Ministries provided for them but, most water holes are a mile away from the village huts.


Legacy Uganda currently fills ten clean, modestly-appointed classrooms, each boasting a dedicated teacher and assistant teacher who are committed to empowering their pupils with a high quality academic and Christ-centered education. In order to better enable these earnest teachers in their goal to provide the best for their students, a team of Legacy USA administration and teaching staff makes annual visits to train teachers and deliver resources. In 2014, thanks to the generous donations made by over 15 Legacy families, LCA teachers Desiree Keoshian and Heather and Stacie Zorichak joined founders Tim and Donna Borruel on one of the staff training mission’s trips.


The Legacy Uganda teachers and assistants use Legacy USA’s tested methods, right down to how students learn in small-group rotations. The teachers have the added duty of making sure children take advantage of the school’s facilities by brushing their teeth and washing hands when they arrive each morning.


Annual teacher training has not been the only gift Legacy USA has provided their Ugandan peers. Every Legacy Uganda family was given a fruiting tree to plant near their home. They can now grow mangoes, oranges and avocados to provide better nutrition for their children and sell the excess at market to help pay for essentials. In Fall 2011, Tim Borruel traveled to the Luweero countryside in Uganda to deliver 150 solar lights to grateful pupils. Legacy Uganda students can now complete their homework assignments and practice their reading skills after the sun goes down thanks to this portable technology.


162 Legacy Uganda students are currently sponsored by 150 Legacy USA families. Through monthly donations of $35, Legacy USA families are making education possible for these special Ugandan village  children. Legacy USA students receive a photo of the child they are sponsoring, participate in pen-pal letter exchanges and pray for their sponsored peer.

Education, and the hope that comes with it, has revitalized this community with jobs, faith and the promise of better tomorrows. "We want to give kids in this village academic and social skills for the future and to open their hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” says Tim Borruel.