Mission Statement and Values

The Legacy Way

Legacy Christian Academy commits to pursuing the following core values.


We provide:

  • a rigorous and challenging academic program which includes a low student-teacher ratio and state of the art curriculum where instruction is targeted for high achievement.

  • a technologically advanced and progressive educational philosophy, where computer training, math, and science are emphasized and students engage in relevant subjects to encourage educational and vocational preparation for the 21st century.

  • an educational program that emphasizes excellence in written communication, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.

  • a comprehensive enrichment program that includes computer technology, Bible, art, music, P.E., and Spanish.

  • a distinctly Christian culture where Jesus Christ is exalted, the Bible is viewed as truth, and Biblical instruction encourages students to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live out Biblical character in their lives.

  • a morally safe and secure environment where a high standard of behavior is enforced where students feel safe, encouraged, and supported.

  • a "service-oriented” atmosphere where parental input is respected and feedback is appreciated.

  • a "family-oriented” environment where faculty and parents work together to create a special and unique place for young people to grow, both cognitively and spiritually.

ABC's of Legacy



Cultivate a culture of positive reinforcement in the classroom and around campus

Inspire Christ-like character traits through modeling and mentorship

Nurture meaningful, memorable relationships


Encourage each other’s strengths in word and deed

Sharpen one another through thoughtful feedback

Invest in mutual growth by sharing ideas and projects


Connect with sincerity and relationship building

Share a child’s strengths before discussing opportunities for growth

Cheer successes in parenting

In 2015-16, Legacy placed in the TOP 8% of STUDENTS NATIONALLY


Uplift peers by demonstrating Legacy’s Character Traits

Join in character programs and chapel

Show an understanding of weekly Bible verses through actions


Exhibit Biblical principles by loving, forgiving, edifying and encouraging one another

Model Character Traits for students and each other

Be open with humble, teachable hearts


Prioritize the feelings and needs of others

Work harmoniously towards Biblical solutions

Pronounce the unconditional love of Christ



Speak confidently and honestly with words that build bridges

Look beyond the self and with a heart for service to others

Perceive others through the lens of Christ-like love and work to understand their unique cultures and communication styles


Serve each other according to Christ’s example

Pursue authentic relationships and quickly resolve conflicts

Listen and learn from each other


Coordinate regularly to share consistent, meaningful updates on their child’s academic and social wellbeing

Validate their communications through prompt, attentive replies

Develop transformative relationships that are the cornerstone of the Legacy experience