A Christian, independent, college-preparatory school, grades K – 8.

Legacy Scholars LEAD the Way

LEAD Goals

Legacy scholars LEAD by learning, by example, by achieving, and by doing.


Lifelong Learners with
  • curiosity to research and respond effectively
  • determination to be problem-solvers
  • motivation to be independent thinkers
Excellent Examples with
  • responsible attitudes and organized systems for learning
  • leadership skills that demonstrate teamwork and integrity
  • respectful attitudes toward all peers and adults
Accelerated Achievers with
  • proficient knowledge of cutting edge technology
  • motivation to excel beyond academic state standards
  • abilities to articulate thoughts clearly through systematic writing and public speaking
Dedicated Doers with
  • passion to serve others with a Christ-like attitude
  • sensitivity to our local community as well as global issues
  • demonstrated Christian character based on Biblical principles