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A Christian, independent, college-preparatory school, grades K – 8.
Student Athlete Code of Conduct

Student Athlete Code of Conduct

● I will remember that my behavior represents myself, my family, my school and my God.

● I will praise and encourage my teammates, never using angry or unkind words when they make a mistake.

● I will treat my opponents with respect, avoiding put-downs, trash-talking, or rough play.

● I will respect the official/referee at all times, and will not engage in complaining, arguing, or negative body language regarding any call he/she made.

● I will not use any form of profanity or inappropriate language.

● I will not get down on myself when I make a mistake.

● I will remind myself and my teammates to laugh and keep a sense of humor.

● I will maintain a “fun is #1” attitude.

● I will focus on teamwork, and commit to being a player that thinks “we” instead of “me”.

● I will be humble when I win, not gloating in any way.

● I will be gracious when I lose, congratulating the other team for a game well played.

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