Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

We are committed to a distinctly Christian education that provides an environment emphasizing the teaching and appreciation of God's Word as it applies to students' studies and to their character. We have a seminary-trained Bible teacher who instructs the students each week. Each lesson is exciting and age appropriate.

Teachers also integrate the Bible in subject areas as well as instill Christian-like behavior in all students by sharing a morning devotional and having classroom prayer time. Legacy's character education program also focuses on monthly character traits that are reinforced through Bible verses, role playing, and classroom activities.



Students gather on Friday mornings for chapel to hear messages from quality local pastors. Every year Legacy selects and new topic to study. This year's theme is “God is faithful to all of His promises and the verse for the year is Psalm 145:13. Classes gather together (Elementary at 8:45 a.m. and Middle School at 9:45 a.m.) for a time of singing worship songs, led by a talented group of musicians. Character awards are also given out to nominated students. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend our chapel times.

Fall Camp

Fall Camps

Fall Camp is a time for the middle school students and staff to go away on a retreat for three days. It is designed to deepen relationships, make memories, and grow spiritually. Each day is packed full of teaching, singing, playing, and hanging with friends.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups

Each Friday, the middle school students break into discipleship groups. These groups are designed to encourage spiritual growth and accountability. Boys and girls are separated and paired with a staff member, who leads discussion about how to apply the chapel message.

Community Service

Community Service

Students have various opportunities to show the love of Christ to others. We currently partner with The City of Santa Clarita, Children’s Hunger Fund, Operation Christmas Child, various disaster relief funds, The Michael Hoefflin Foundation, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Jump Rope for Heart.

Heartwork Assignments

Heartwork Assignments

Once a month, in lieu of homework, students and parents work closely together to complete a “Heartwork” assignment that corresponds with the “Character Trait of the Month.” This partnership between home and school builds consistency in a child’s moral development.

Character Development

Legacy's character education program is built into the very fabric of the school.

To be a Legacy student is to be a child who honors God and respects peers, school personnel, and civil and government leaders. Students learn from kindergarten onward the importance of demonstrating integrity and kindness and contributing time and energy to improve the lives and surroundings of others in their school, their community, and in distant lands.


Each month, the entire school focuses on a particular character trait.

The trait is introduced in the classroom with an explanation of what it means and what it looks like in relationships. Class activities, community projects, and role playing are used to reinforce the traits and provide practical applications for students. A related Bible verse is also presented each week. When students display the character trait of the month, they are praised by peers and teachers. All Legacy staff members strive to instill and reinforce good character and biblical values in our students.


Legacy maintains the "Character Caught" program to further reinforce positive character traits such as responsibility, kindness, leadership, and respect.

In this program, teachers, administrators, parents, and fellow students complete a "Character Caught" form when they "catch" a student displaying excellent character inside or outside of school. These students are recognized publicly in their classrooms. At each school-wide assembly, several exceptional acts of good character are recognized by the principal in front of the entire student body. Parents of these special students are invited to the assembly to join in the celebration of good character.

Legacy Character Trait focus for each month