A Christian, independent, college-preparatory school, grades K – 8.


Middle School Students and Families,

Students, welcome to the 2018-19 school year at Legacy Christian Academy! You are part of one of the most outstanding educational programs in California. Legacy offers an unparalleled educational experience within a distinctly Christian environment. At Legacy, we truly believe education and character building are part of a dynamic, continuous process. We are never finished learning, nor should we ever be finished growing in character and wisdom. As a staff, we are devoted to helping you reach your potential academically and spiritually.

Parents, our goal is to provide an educational and Christ-centered environment in which your child’s academic abilities and moral character will be developed. We believe parents are primarily responsible for the training of their children. However, as a school, we willingly offer our support by providing a high-quality education and consistently encouraging and enforcing biblical standards in the lives of our students. Furthermore, we believe that outstanding teachers, a distinctly Christian and loving environment, an accelerated curriculum and dedicated families, together can produce young people who are well-prepared for strong leadership and success in the 21st century.

Thank you for the privilege of educating your child. We look forward to working closely with your family in providing the best educational experience possible.


Mr. Matthew Millett
Head of School